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Greg Davis
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Steve- A typically climbing session lasts for 2-3 hours, but there is a lot of rest periods (alternating with climbing partners).

If I lower intensity and increase volume I would be using the repetition method of strength increase which I'm not a big fan of because I'm after relative strength (not gaining muscle size). I am in to other sports during the summer (mountain biking, paddling, basketball) but climbing is my main priority for my training.

What I'm looking at doing is a 4 week split (some examples for the intervals):
Week1- no weights, 1x moderate intervals (swimming, rowing, basketball)
Week2- 1x weights (4-6 rep range), 1x moderate intervals
Week3- 1x weights (2-3 rep range), 1x high-intensity intervals (sprinting, sandbag/sledgehammer)
Week4- 1x weights (90%+ range), 1x high-intensity intervals

And consistently climb 2x per week, leaving the most aggressive climbing for the last 2 weeks. Its hard to structure the weight training with all the climbing mixed in..

Greg- Hey thanks for sharing that! That sounds like a lot of volume but I like the idea of seperate days for each movement but I just don't have that much time for additional workouts.
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