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*15 hr fast*

Wall HS - 60 sec
L-sit - 3 x 5 sec
2x B. wamrup with empty bar, subbed ohs --> snatch drop

Handstands were ridiculously easy. L-sits are a lot harder with shoes on. I was pretty disappointed i could hold it for such a short time without it being a max effort. I think i'll work l-sits on metcon days, and fl on strength days. B. warmup was much easier today on the wrists. My OHS felt off though, but my hamstrings were really tight this morning so maybe thats why?

Snatch Technique:
5 sets of:
3 pos sn + 1 ohs
3 pos sn + 1 heaving sn balance
3 pos sn + 1 sn balance

3 pos - high hang, hang, floor

Did power snatches because I have no confidence under the bar yet...

Sort of fixed the problem with landing on my toes today during the sn balances. Suspiciously it happened more during the heaving sn balances than the regular sn balances.

I also noticed a severe problem with my snatch when pulling from anywhere below the knees. I tend to bounce the bar off my hips when I pull then back under to start the second causes a lot of landings on my toes, which might have been one of the reasons my ohs felt so wacky today.

I also need to shrug a lot harder.

Clean & jerk technique:
5 sets of:
3 pos clean + 1 push press
3 pos clean + 1 push jerk
3 pos clean + 1 split jerk

Did these with squat cleans because I'm way more comfortable with that than full squat snatches.

However the same problem I had with pulling from below the knee in the snatch seems to be much worse in the clean. I think its because I try to keep my back as upright as possible, which makes me have to move the bar around my knees or something...not really sure. I'll try to video tape it next time so I can see wuts going on.

Also on the squat cleans, I can't seem to land my feet in the same spot twice in a row. Not really sure what to do about this, other than consciously move my feet where I want them to be. I'll be focusing more on the footing in the b. warmup from now on.

*all technique is with an empty 45 lb bar unless otherwise noted

Metcon...sort of...
8 rounds for time:
25 m swim
~1:30 min rest

First time I've swam hard in the pool since summer ended, and it was pretty fun. I would have liked to do more, but I had previous obligations to attend to that cut my time in the gym short.

Couldn't time them because I lost my waterproof watch, but I would guess they were anywhere between 15 and 20 sec, because I can pretty consistently get 11 sec when I have jammers on and start from a dive, but these were done in my lacrosse shorts and started from in the water.

Fun day. I love working the only lifts, but by the last set of 3 pos cleans, my grip was so gone I had to stop in between each, with the bar resting in the fold on my hip with me bent over it to keep it from falling while I shook out my aching forearms. I think this might not be the best way to work on form and technique, so I might do a little less of each when I do them both in the same day.

I also need to get my shrug hard and my landing position consistent.
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