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Steve Shafley
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Week1- no weights, 1x moderate intervals (swimming, rowing, basketball)
Week2- 1x weights (4-6 rep range), 1x moderate intervals
Week3- 1x weights (2-3 rep range), 1x high-intensity intervals (sprinting, sandbag/sledgehammer)
Week4- 1x weights (90%+ range), 1x high-intensity intervals
I'm curious. What's your weight training experience and your training poundages in specific movements look like? Squat/Deadlift/Power clean, etc? What are your physical statistics...i.e. height/weight/bodyfat, etc?

An experienced lifter can pull something like this off for a while because of the experience and the trained ability to get the most out of lower volumes of work. It's going to be difficult and tricky, though, due to the low volume and the degradation of the response to the exercise.

Even just using a simplified single factor supercompensation theory, you are going to be recovered and then maybe degrading yourself after an indeterminant amount of time.
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