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Originally Posted by Trygve Lunde View Post
Hello again
My problem is: My breath absolute stinks like an old fish, and that comes from ketose,right? But is this nesessary to loose all the fat? or is there a better way to loose the fat as fast ?
ketones* (since you asked)

when you fast or eat a meal devoid of carbohydrates, your body dips into its glycogen stores to provide glucose for several tissues. when these run low, your body begins to convert some fatty acids to ketones since certain tissues prefer these over fatty acids (ex: the brain). the production of ketones also makes sense since amino acids are being cleaved in the body to produce glucose. the amine group is removed and produces ammonia (a base). ketones are acidic, so the balance makes sense.

3 main ketones are formed: beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone. your body doesn't focus on acetone like the other 2. instead you generally breath the acetone out (if you've ever worked with acetone, you know it evaporates very easily).

i noticed this smell during some long fasts and low CHO days. if you wanna get rid of it, you need to lower your ketone production: therefore (as stated by others) you need to consume carbohydrates since that is what the ketones are making up for.

or just deal with the breath. plan your IF days when you're gonna be alone and not talk to people up close heh...
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