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Default IF + Hybrid training and modest mass gain

Hey everyone, wasn't sure which category this fits in since it's IF and workout sorry if I put it in the wrong place!
I've been reading here looking at the hybrid system and I think I'm going to give it a shot, although I'm new at doing my own programing.
Up till now, I've been doing strict XFit, and have been very happy. I eat as clean as possible considering I'm in Iraq and I IF on training days (3/1).
I'm 5'9" 169 and I'd guess 10% BF. I'm looking to gain maybe 10 pounds in lean mass.
My plan is to fast for 16-18 hours and workout towards the end. I've been doing it for maybe 2 months now and lost an easy 5# in fat and set lots of PRs (been Xfitting for almost a year).
Now, with the Hybrid training I'll be doing a couple heavy lifts, then a short heavy metcon then maybe some rings or a few sprints.

I really really like working out fasted, but with the heavier focus, is this a good idea? So far I have not been injury prone, recovery is fine, no muscle loss just fat.
I calculate on fitday that I eat about 2500-2800 calories, 250g protein- 137g fat and 121 g carbs for a 39/45/17 split (yes, all in a 6 hour window). This is after upping my protein intake just a little to try to gain a little lean mass.
Is this too much? Am I on the right track to gaining a little mass without the fat gain as well?
Thanks for any advice, like I said I'm new to doing my own programming so anything will help.
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