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Boy, it feels like a lot

lifts- nothing too impressive,
DL- 350 (haven't done a DL in like 2 months probably)
Power clean-205
push press- 180
Squat- 315 X3 (haven't done a 1 rep max in a long time)
Weighted pull- 120
Fran- 4:08
5K- 20:30

Obviously I could stand to put on a little muscle and improve those lifts....I have more data, but no access to it right now so I have to go off the top of my head, or by something recent.
These number are from basically starting with nothing last december. I was a run 3 miles, pull-ups sit-ups kind of guy that had never been serious about lifting before.
Thanks again for your help, I could pretty easily add some more calories by snacking on almonds during my window or something similar....

ETA- I upped my protein just about a week ago, so it hasn't been that long....unfortunately, the only scale on this half of base broke at the same it tough to track right now....have to rely on lift numbers and the mirror I guess....
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