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Question Flexibility and Technique relatd to shoe height

My question is will I become dependent on a higher heel weight lifting shoe after using them for a while or will I easily be able to switch back to a lower height? Another way to look at this is, if you are familiar with the book Starting Strength, Rippatoe notes that some lifters that have trouble getting into a deep squat position will cheat by placing small weights under their heels. Well the Do-Win's I have are basically like having small weights under my heels all the time. So am I going to become dependent on these shoes or will I be able to switch back to a lower heel height with no problem.

Background: I got a good deal on some Do-Wins, which are my first weight lifting shoe. I hadn't done any research but come to find out Do-Wins have one of the highest heel heights. I already have good flexibility in my hips and ankles and have relatively short legs and a long torso. So I think I should have bought a shoe with less of a heel lift. Since this is already a sunk cost, I was just going to wear out the Do-Wins before getting some Adidas or something.
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