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Originally Posted by Jake Dent View Post
I guess BCAAs are a supplement? They have some supplements at the little PX here, but I usually avoid anything but just whole food.
So you recommend low fat 1-2 hours post workout? (pwo?) So, for example, I fast from about 6-7 PM till 12-1PM the next day with my workout from usually 11-12 in the morning. I should have less fat at lunch and more at dinner?

I can up healthy fat....they have olive oil at the chow hall so I can use that more...

Mike, also thanks for your blog I've read quite a bit of it and really enjoy it.
BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids....usually in supplement form. If you can't get a hold of it, no worries.

Yes...more whole food carbs (fruits too) + low fat protein pwo....then taper off the carbs and up the fats as the day goes more meat+veggies+healthy fat later on. You can also adjust carb intake on the non-workout days to try and keep the fat off.

Also don't workout too much....that never leads to great mass gains. 2-3 solid heavy workouts a week is all it takes....that and eating.
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