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Helped a friend of the family move today...for six hours...lifting heavy and awkward boxes. Went to workout immediately after.

wall hs - 60 sec
tuck fl - 3 x 10 sec
2 x b warmup *ohs for snatch drops

Clean & Jerk tech
5 sets of:
3 hang squat cleans
3 front squats
3 split jerks

I think i finally found the position my feet need to be in for the front squat, which is kinda cool. Also, I have horrible midline stabilization because my lower back gets during fs even with an empty bar.

Clean strength:
Front Squat
65 x 3 x 5

This is pathetic. This is what really showed me I have horrible midline stabilization, because i worked my way up to 105 for a set of 5, but my elbows dropped like crazy, so I dropped down to 85, still had some elbow drop, so I dropped to 65. I didn't feel it in my legs, just in my lower back, which got extremely tight during all the sets.

Jerk strength:
Push Press
75 x 4 x 4

This was pretty easy, which is sad because someones push press shouldn't be higher than their front squat. I think i have a little bit of forward lean as I fatigue a little, but trying to hold the totally upright torso made my lower back tight also, which I think is due to the moving and the fs.

Didn't do weighted pull ups today because it was late when I finally got to the gym and i wanted to get home. Plus my back got a lot of work moving all those boxes and tv's and bookshelves.

Gunna try to get some linear progression for front squats, and overhead squats, because if my front squat is that low, theres no telling how weak my ohs is...
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