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Susie Rosenberg
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I think I am going to try the C2 Holiday Rowing Challenge.

It's 200,000 meters between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve.

I did it last year, near my peak of fitness, and it was tedious, but not difficult. This year, I row a 2K in about 10 min. (as opposed to my best time of 8:25). And 2K tires me at that pace. I figure I will have to do roughly 4 sets of 2K, about an hour of rowing a day. (This takes into account a missed day or two) I think I finished last year around Dec. 19th, because I rowed 10K a day most days after Thanksgiving. That would do me in!

This is a big challenge for me this year. Last year I bought myself the reward sweatshirt, and it remains a treasure of mine. I really want another sweatshirt...))) What some people won't do for token clothing!

So today, it's "Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to the Y I go!" in order to row, row, row.................

Wish me luck.
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