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Chris - thanks for the tip. Due to my anthropology i dont think it'll be possible for me to ever get a vertical torso...i'm working on it though.

Thursday - No oly lifting technique because I was at my grandma's house for thanksgiving. Went into the back yard though and did:
For time:
100 burpees

Time = 10:56

Not a good time at all, my metcon still sucks. My hips cracked a lot when i was doing burpees too. Maybe cuz they were too tight?

Today - rest day

Visited my baby cousins today after leaving my grandma's and we were running around and stuff and I stepped in a hole and i think I pulled my left hip. It also might be due to my lack of stretching and foam rolling, so ima start that up again.
I cant bring it up to anywhere near parallel when standing up because it hurts to much.

We'll see how it feels tomorrow, because tomorrow i wanna try to do my first full snatch and clean and jerk. Going for 65 on the snatch baby!!! Yea!!!
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