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I've been working my technique with an empty bar, so percentages don;t even matter in what I'm doing, but I basically do the technique work rx'd in the CFJ "Supplemental olympic lifting" article, with little changes when I feel like it.

Its things like...
5 sets of: 3 ohs
3 pressing snatch balances
3 heaving sn balances
3 sn balances

5 sets of: 3 pos clean + 1 push press
3 pos clean + 1 push jerk
3 pos clean + 1 split jerk

This stuff is kinda high volumve i guess, but its not very fatiguing if you do it with an empty bar. Also, I've only been doing this for a week, so i can't say anything about how well it works.

I feel like it will work well for me, but I have super limited exposure to oly lifting, and I think how much this will help will depend on how proficient you are with the lifts and technique already.
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