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For example, I am 33, I as well just finished a 12 week SS cycle, my previous 1rm max in the squat was 255, I am now doing my work sets at 300. My previous DL 1RM(that I did once) was 305, and my work sets are 330. My bench p, press, power clean all have shot up, and I attribute this to eating 4000/cal + and working hard. I went from 180 18%BF to 204 22+BF%, and now losing the fat. Gaining this much weight costs me money too, my Burberry suits dont fit me now, and I cant really plunk down for new ones. What I am saying is, if a very average 33 yr old can pack on weight and increase lifts you are in a very good place to do even better. I think its very easy to get down in the weeds of nutrition, but you are in a very different place, 98% of these nutrition articles are geared towards people wanting to lose weight and eat healthy. If I only would have known this when I was 24....
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