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Originally Posted by Justin Chebahtah View Post
Thanks for the response Steven. Should I up the protein as well or will a nice boost in fat do the trick? Hmm...actually I think I'll try just upping the fat for a week or two then mess with the protein if need be.

EDIT: Fitday'd my diet fyi; results as follows:

Fat: 225g
CHO: 180
Prot: 250g

Consists of steak, tuna, whole eggs, whole milk cheese, whole milk, broccoli/green beans for veggies, olive oil, almonds, some fruit and some bread every now and then to make sandwhiches
Just wanted to say that I agree with what Chris is saying. There is a time and place for worrying about what you're eating. That time and place is basically everywhere but a Starting Strength cycle. So, if you don't feel like you're about to puke, you should be stuffing your face with basically what ever.
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