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Chris H Laing
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Definitely no workout today. The hip is super sore, and noticeably inflamed today. I'll give it a couple more days to see if it makes itself better, and then I'll start looking for a solution.

I'm thinking, if this hip thing doesn't clear up for a while, that ima do the three week muscle up program (wfs) because I still don't have a muscle up.

If the leg does feel better soon, I definitely wanna continue with oly lifting, but maybe instead of gymnastics pull, gymnastics push on snatch days, I'll work on false grip pullups pulled super high, super deep higher rep ring dips, and on the gymnastic pull on the clean & jerk day, I would work muscle up rows or negatives to build strength in the transition.

Also, I'm getting a food dehydrator today so I can start making my own jerky!!! Woo!!!
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