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rest day

Hip is still a bit iffy, but its feeling better. Its still up in the air whether or not i'll be doing any squatting tomorrow, but i'm guessing probably not so I'll probably do a lot of upper body gymnastic stuff, maybe play around with some rings routines or something. I'll also be working towards that muscle up as that has become a major goal of mine over the last couple days.

In other news i didnt get a food dehydrator yesterday because walmart doesn't carry them in stores...only online. But I did get to experiment with some recipes from the PMenu. Last night I made shredded chicken and pesto, which was delicious, and extremely calorie dense, so I'll probably be making it a lot with different variations because it makes four servings at around 900 calories each, easy easy eating during and IF window.

Tonight I'll be making some portabella burgers, with ground buffalo, which I am looking forward to also.

I think i need to start measuring my protein because I do not think I am getting enough. Ideally I'd like at least 150 g a day, but I seem to be getting around 110 when i do my calculations. Something to be fixed...

So i entered all my foods and whatnot of the day into fitday, and found that I ate just over 150 g of protein, and had about 2500 calories overall. The cool thing is that my ration was 26% protein, 19% carbs, and 55% fat, which is extremely close to the athletes zone of 25, 15, 60 without measuring my food...pretty cool. And it was all paleo side from a couple glasses of whole milk.
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