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Default Starting From Scratch (Almost)

I herniated a disc some while ago. I've been feeling very good the last several weeks and my PT has given me the green light on getting a bit more aggressive with my training.

Right now, I'm doing an SS-ish cycle with very conservative weights, being careful not to irritate anything but still gradually strengthening my back enough to prevent something like this from happening again.

The past couple of months I've been Texas-method-ing my bench press, since that's pretty much the only thing I've been able to go heavy on, and I intend to keep that going for a couple of more weeks, as well as some swimming recommended by my PT.

I'm going to keep this log a weekly thing and since you guys seem to be a knowledgeable bunch, feel free to comment on anything I'm doing or throw in suggestions.

21 years old, male
173cm, ~80kg
Body fat: Probably over 15% since I've packed on a few pounds since my injury - good active weight at about 75kg

Not sure enough about my back to be able to make any short term goals at the moment but I do have some longterm ones:
Snatch - Bodyweight
Clean and Jerk - 100kg
Fran - Sub 3:00
Deadhang Muscle-up
Freestanding Handstand Push-up

Plan is to get back some lost strength via SS-based linear progression, with moderately light oly technique work once I feel the back is up to it. Followed by a metcon biased month with weekly heavy oly work, then followed by the CA WOD for some time. That's the plan right now, anyway.
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