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November 24-30

Bench Press (Volume): 5x5x85kg
Overhead Squat: 5x40kg
Low-bar Back Squat: 3x12x30kg
Assisted Deadhang Muscle-up: 1-2-3-2-1
Deadlift: 2x15x40kg
Pull-up (Kipping): 22xBodyweight
Bench felt good. Pull-ups not so much had to stop because my iPod jumped out of my pocked and was hanging by my earphone cable. Could have squeezed a few more, but definitely not my old PR of 33.

Swim (50m Outdoor Pool): 500m, alternating front crawl and breaststroke every 50m; 14:26
I didn't drown. So all in all, a good day.

Bench Press (Recovery, paused): 2x5x65kg
Overhead Squat: 3x40kg, 3x45kg, 3x50kg, 3x55kg, 3x60kg
Death by Pull-ups: 11 rounds + 6
Low-bar Back Squat: 3x12x35kg
Shoulder Press: 3x5x47,5kg
Overhead Squat felt awesome. Haven't gone heavy on that since my injury. Could have gone higher, but didn't want to risk it. Death by Pull-ups was not so good. Haven't been doing kipping pull-ups until this week and in the tenth round I think I pulled something in my left bicep... Just a minor inconvenience but I decided to call it quits in the 12 round to be safe. Bicep was bothering me during presses as well. Went home, iced it and it hasn't bothered me since.


Bench Press (Intensity): 2x80kg, 2x87,5kg, 2x95kg (PR for 2 reps)
Overhead Squat: 5x40kg
Low-bar Back Squat: 3x12x40kg
Deadhang Weighted Towel Pull-up: 3x5x10kg
Deadlift: 2x15x45kg
Ab work: Misc, seeing if my back became uncomfortable
Support Beam Climb: Across and back
The climbing seemed to bother my back a bit...

Swim (50m Outdoor Pool): 2x150m Front Crawl; 4:05, 4:27
Back back to good after some icing. This is a PR for my front crawl without stopping, which was really all I was shooting for, not having to stop.

Indoor Climbing: ~an hour and half
First time trying this. Was fun. Will definitely try this again soon. Back did complain a bit after falling a few times. Got used to it and felt great.
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