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Update Week 5 of IF:

Body Comp: I'm down another pound this week and I actually can see some of the changes right now when I look in the mirror.

15 hours? This past weekend with Army drill and then this week so far being just insane my fasting time has goen from 15 hour fasts to 13-14, I'll get back on track today as I feel better when I do the entire 15 hours and having more consistency.

Consistency: While monitoring macros is kind of a pain in the butt sometimes I also find it a little necessary, since 2/2 I've been skipping meals because while I feel full by ~6pm I won't have gotten all the calories I'm looking to get in a day. So I'll be short anywhere from 600-1000 calories per day sometimes. Today I'll get back to my food log thing because when I did it that way I at least knew I should get another X grams of protein...Y grams of fat to round out my day. I guess I just like it better when I'm more accountable and can actually look at it on a excel spreadsheet.

Sleep: Sleep since Saturday has been a bit dicey and it has more to do with life than IF, I do feel my recovery slipping a little and once again tonight now that things have settled a little I'll get better with it.

Misc.: No weird side effects this week, I've been making sure that I'm staying hydrated as per Steve L.'s suggestion. As I think back to the weirdness day, that could may have well been a part of it?

Overall Energy: Still feeling good, Haven't had the "need an afternoon nap feeling" after I leave work in a while. I definitely dig that! Driving home and being drowsy is not fun!

Performance: I've had no dips in the road so far but a month of training is hardly a good stick to measure by, perhaps in another month I'll see what impact IF really has but my numbers in everything have been getting better and not worse. Rowing has improved but I attribute that to better form (still not great but tons better than before). Strength numbers are going up, I'm happy with my deadlift and squat progressing the way the are along with my weighted chins/pullups. I could probably increase my bench a little more but I hate asking for spots at the gym especially since most of these guys still high five each other everytime they hit a good set of smith machine partial squats.
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