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Default Snatch Grip Problems

When I first started snatching I had been holding onto the hook grip through out the entire exercise. Then I read in Everett's book that the hook grip should be released at the top. My coach also said that I looked like I was too tense holding the bar and even suggested I just use straps that way I don't have to be so concerned with the grip.

Incidentally in the last couple weeks I started releasing the hook grip at the top but at the same time pretty much losing contact with the bar all together. Not literally losing contact, obviously my hands are still touching the bar, but you coaches probably know what I mean. My coach says it's almost like I am throwing the bar up then trying to catch it over head. I'll start with a wide snatch grip but when I finish the lift my hands will be much narrower.

Any suggestions? I actually set a PR doing this at 190lbs but obviously throwing the bar in the air and catching it with 190 or more lbs isn't going to work long term.
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