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On the subject of rugby, the 6 Nations (the European International Tournament) kicked off last weekend. Wales were sadly deprived of the services of their former captain, the player in my avatar, Gareth Thomas who has been banned for 4 matches and fined 5000 for:

"aggressively attempting to enter one of the seating areas" and:

"making an offensive hand gesture towards fans" (ie giving them the finger)

during a club match between Toulouse and Ulster.

Below you can see him being restrained during the game. The photo of him making the 'offensive hand gesture' although deemed suitable for the British press is apparently too strong for the internet.

This happened during the game while Thomas was on the sidelines as a replacement and was apparently sparked off by his fellow Toulouse player, former Irish international Trevor Brennan, who reacted to something originating from the Ulster supporters, walked 50 yards or so to the corner of the stadium, walked up the steps to the middle of the stand and did this:

to Ulster fan Patrick Bamford. In fact he did it 10 times. Allegedly.

His defence was that his mother was not a whore as had been pointed out by the Ulster supporters.

So in a roundabout way we come back to the title of this thread.

Career over I think.
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