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i think you could stand to turn your feet outward more. if your hips hurt, this should make the bottom position easier to hit.

if i wake up and first thing in the morning try to hit a third world squat, my toes point way outward. if i wake up more and get looser throughout the day or just stretch/do joint mobility for a while, then i can drop down and point my toes more forward. i tend to find it harder to point the toes straighter when i'm not holding a weight though.

generally i feel like the goal is to find the spot where it's not uncomfortable and doesn't hurt. if your feet need to turn out at this point to feel comfortable then go for it. after a little while, all the little muscle groups will relax and loosen a bit. you will probably be able to bring the toes in more at that point. it's all just practicing. crawl before you walk, and crawl a lot to get it down.
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