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Default Bench Press Programming

Wanted to get some advice on Bench Press programming (since that's the only thing I'm able to go heavy on, at the moment).

I've been Texas-Method-ing it for a couple of months now. Started rather conservatively on 70kg, with a 5RM of 82,5kg, with volume days being 5x5 across on Mondays, Wednesdays recovery with 2x5 light weight and 1RM, 2RM or 3RM on Fridays for intensity day.

First go through, I added 2.5kg every workout until I reached 87.5kg and only got 5-5-5-4-1 reps.

What I did was reset back to 80kg and kept going until I hit 87.5kg yesterday and managed all my sets. Those sets took all I got and some, both physically and mentally, and my arms and shoulders are still toast.

The thing is I'm pretty sure 90kg won't be going up for five sets of five next week unless I start injecting myself with something illegal. And before you say it, don't suggest smaller jumps because I've searched basically everywhere for smaller plates. Even washers, but haven't found anything with more than 30mm holes and with Iceland's economy in the toilet, ordering micro plates online is not an option (even though I never actually found a company willing to ship just a pair of 0,5kg plates).

So, what would be a feasible next step?

Try and fail on 90kg next week and then restart again?

Change up the rep scheme to something like seven to eight sets of three and try to move on?

Or should I go the one step backwards, two steps forward route? Back off to 85kg, go for 87,5kg again and then 90kg?

Something else? Any suggestions appreciated. I wanna make the most of my bench pressing time now since I'll probably drop it completely once my back is healed up properly.
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