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Hmm, what's your weight compared to the 82.5 kilos?

Unless you're like below 70 kilos or something you should still have pretty decent progress. I wouldn't go to smaller plates at this point.. that's just a waste of time.

There's a couple things you go do at this point:

1. Increase the frequency of days lifting and decrease the volume. Almost like heavy GTG/PTTP with like 2x5 or something 4 then 5 days a week then maybe 6 if you're up for it.

2. Alter the rep scheme for consistent work with something like 10/6/2 or 5/3/1 or whatever. Texas method does this as well partially, but I'm curious as to why a 5x5 bench press fried you so bad. 3x5/5x3/8x1 rarely fails me if I need to put up heavier weight (with like dips and pullups though).

I know you're probably not used to bench having only done this for now since you're injured, but still it seems a bit weird to me.

3. Go super heavy multiple days in a row.. (make sure you have a spotter) then let yourself supercompensation some..

Yeah, up to you really..
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