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Finally got back to the gym today, although my left hip and knee were still bothering me.

*16 hr fast*

Warm up
2 x 100 jump ropes (working towards double unders eventually)
60 sec HS - easy, gunna start doing stomach to wall
tuck FL - 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec
DROM - trunk twists, leg swings, arm swings, dislocates, halos
2x b warmup with dowel

During the b warmup my ohs felt off-er than usual...I was having a hard time sitting straight down instead of back. I think SS messed me up in this aspect, because I rely almost solely on my hamstrings when doing squats and deadlifts, instead of the quads, but I'm working on it. also my ankle flexibility sucks, especially in my left foot.

Snatch Tech -
just played around with snatch drop, and tried some high hang full snatches with the dowel. I cant seem to get into a good ohs position from a full snatch, as I always land with my feet too wide and my toes pointed way out.

OHS - starting linear progression
55 x 3 x 5

Wasn't hard on the legs at all, which is good cuz my hip is still a bit tender. My wrists felt a bit twinged after the sets but it soon went away. My problem with ohs and fs is that i sit to far back, which makes my torso much less vertical, and it felt like if I had had any substantial weight on the bar I might have lost some of these forward. A couple felt really good in the hole, and the rest not so much.

For the next couple weeks I'll be stretching the crap outta my ankles, because my limited ankle flexibility is really making it hard for me to keep a vertical torso.

False grip pullups
tried to do 3 x 5 but I cant hold the false grip for more than a couple reps, although it makes it easier to pull your chest to the rings, so it looked something like:
2, 3, rest 3, 2, rest, 2, 2, 1


Ring dips
going for some more endurance in these, and I think I started to high...
went for 3 x 7 but had to break the last set into 5, 2. I think next time i'll go 3x5 or even 3x3 and work on getting super duper deep in the dip.

I felt great at the beginning of this workout, but overall it was pretty disappointing. My ohs sucks, my false grip sucks, and my ring dips suck. Hopefully thursday will be better...
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