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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Odd. That second position is about where I would set you up in terms of width, but like Grissam said, I would turn your feet out a bit more. It may be something to take to a physical therapist who is familiar with lifting.
Is that really how narrow a landing position needs to be? Would it be better have a narrower stance with really pointed out toes, or a not so narrow stance with not so turned out toes?

Also Emil, I had that same problem for a while, with the hip pain and stuff when trying to get lower into a squat (i also had knee pain) but what I found that really helped alleviate the pain, and I'm pain free now, is foam rolling every morning and every night.

I did it for a month or so, and the pain completely went away, and now I only roll a couple times a week, it that, and sometimes I forget. I actually haven't rolled in a couple weeks, maybe even a month, and my knee pain is starting to come back, so I'm rolling tonight, and I bet its gone by morning.
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