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Default Muscle Imbalances & Back Pain

I was wondering as I sit here with an aching back once again if anyone has had success preventing back pain by addressing muscle and strength imbalances. I have about a 14 year history of occasional SI joint pain and lower back muscle strains that have flared up mostly when I lift heavy weight from the floor ie deadlift, clean, or when I do heavy squats. I've been training for about 17 years, but only started intelligent functional training about 2 1/2 years ago when my chiropractor introduced me to Crossfit. Through crossfit I became real interested in olympic lifting, found the PM, and have absolutely loved O-lifting ever since. My problem is it is very hard to get stronger and better when you tweak your back every couple of months or so.
I've had a couple professional opinions on my back, and there is not any problem with any of my disc; it seems that the bulk of my pain comes from my SI joint and is mostly on my right side. I am very right side dominant. My hip flexors, abductors, hamstrings... on my right side are slightly less flexible/tighter than my left side and my right side is definitely a little stronger than my left as well. So I have a tendency to load my right side more when I squat or DL heavy. So since I'm such a genious I've concluded in 14 short years that I might need to address my imbalances. My question is what is the best way to go about it? I've read a few articles on T-nation by Boyles and such that have dumbbell routines with a lot of single leg and single arm work, but I don't know if there is a better way and hopefully a more fun way to go about it. Thanks.
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