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Warm up:
2 x 100 jumprope
Played on the bonzai board or whatever its called, had one hold that was like 1:05

10 rounds for time:
10 35# dumbell swings, overhead
10 pullups

Time - 16:40

This one destroyed my hands. I have two blood blisters on my left hand and one on my right, which is more than i've ever had in my entire life. And they formed after the calluses over them were ripped off.

First time in a couple months that i've done high rep pullups...i forgot how good they hurt. First two sets were unbroken, and the ones up til round 7 were all 5, 5. Afterwards I just got up on the bar and did as many as i could then drop off. All db swings unbroken.

Finished the first 6 rounds, plus 10 db swings, in around 8 min. and then I hit the wall.

Overall really good day. Felt great to make myself this tired again. I LOVE METCON!!!

Also, i'm taking a new approach to skill training for the oly lifts. Ill be using the WCC vids, and using their progressions.

Oly Tech:
Didn't really do any skill work, but I found my pulling stance and proper grip. Turns out I was starting with my feet too narrow and that I was holding the bar too wide. Interesting stuff...

Also I popped one of the blood blisters in my left hand and got blood on my pvc.

Then I proceeded to stretch the sh!t outta my ankles. My left ankle got slightly looser from the one session, but its not back to how it was. I wasn't really expecting to gain any flexibility from just one thing but it was pretty cool to see my knee go farther out over my foot.
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