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Default Knowing when to rest Joints

At what point should I take a week off to let my joints catch up to my muscles or do I keep fighting through the joint soreness so long as I am still making strength gains on a weekly basis?

There is no traumatic injuries as far as I know. I can still work through it when I get thoroughly warmed up. The pain consists of a general ache in my joints. I've been hitting the gym really hard for about 2 months now doing a hybrid SS and Oly program. I've been going heavy 5 reps or less on everything. As a result, my shoulders, elbows, and hips are starting to get real sore.

I had this problem when I used to train MMA. I trained hard for about 3 months prior to a competition. The soreness in my shoulders and elbows got to a point that I could roll for about a 3 minute round then when the bell rang I could hardly lift my arms they hurt so bad. But then the next round started and I could roll through the pain. It' like the pain is gone when I am working out but quite noticeable in between set's, rounds, or the next morning.
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