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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
General joint soreness after months of hard training....I tend to look at adrenal fatigue issues, as in the adrenals are not making enough cortisol/cortisone (the body's strongest anti-inflammatory) to keep you out of discomfort....The sign that this is adrenally-related goes hand-in-hand with your account of what happens in your athletic endeavors. Bell rings or set starts, adrenals kick in what they can, you feel better for a little while. You start resting, the pain settles back in.
Your assessment sounds spot on. I will look into the ASI. What is the treatment? Are you saying this is something I can fix/prevent by getting my adrenals back in balance rather than having to rest for a week or two?

Sounds like something a round of steroids (non-anabolic) may fix... If so, is that good to take steroids to clear up the problem then keep training. I always thought this was my body trying to tell me I should rest before I blow out a shoulder or elbow.
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