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Originally Posted by Steven Walczak View Post
I'm confused by the second paragraph. Don't olympic lifters train to squat faster than normal squats to train for olympic lifts? Would it be wrong to squat slower in full ROM and explode up or should it be the same speed throughout?
I have no idea what Olympic lifters do for squats specifically but a lot ofstrength athletes employ different types of "speed work" or dynamic efforts... I'm just saying that until your until your work sets are at 1.5 to 2 times body weight in the squat, I wouldn't worry too much about focusing on a seperate day or whatever for "speed work". I just think that you should always try to explode up as quickly as you can with perfect form.

Most people lifting heavy will slow near ther sticking point appreciably at or near maximum efforts, these lifts often look like a grind. it's just way it goes.

that said, theres a guy in my gym with perfect leverages for lifting and every squat from 400 pounds to a 700 pounds off a box are fast as hell.
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