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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
pretty impressive, Allen. I've got some way to catch up with you.

Have you tried behind the neck push presses? My O lifting coach just introduced me to them. I'm so tight on the rack position that it helps me a lot. It's harder on the descent because you just can't drop the bar onto your neck so your arms work hard to buffer it.
Thanks for the compliment though I hardly feel impressive at all. I read some comment that anyone in the 180-220# BW range should be able to deadlift 500 with training, that seems like worlds away from where I am now I feel like every time I approach 400 my back starts to hurt. I'm also slow as molasses! I need to run more more more, but I hate it so much that it's like like a mental drag to get it done. Unfortunately it is part of being the Army Reserves.

I have done push presses behind the neck before and I don't like it because of that crashing on my neck thing though I'll do it for heavy OHS's. The front rack position doesn't give me too much of a problem as long as I make sure to keep my wrists neutral.
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