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Originally Posted by Joe Hart View Post
I am hoping the character thing kicks in with my oldest son (6). He is wrestling for the first time. He went to a six night intro camp and said that he liked it. So we signed him up for the season. On the premis that yes wrestling can suck sometimes and yes you can get hurt, but it is also pretty fun. He has gotten dinged in some fashion almost every night we had practice. He was upset about it but he didn't pack it in right then. So I guess we are getting somewhere. We agreed that we would give the WHOLE season a try and if at the end he didn't like it we would move on. He fancies himself quite the sportsman. He has the desire but not the natural tools and mind set that his little brother has. I am not sure his little brother gives a crap about sprorts. Then again what should I expect from a 4 year old. I am happy that he knows which team is USC when they play. I think we will be sampling quite a few sports, which is fine with me. Not more than one a season though. I haven't lost my mind.

Anyone else have some insight to thier children and sports? I can always use some pointers that might apply to mine.
I say let them be the guide...
Oh I am a proud Mom of 4 and grandma to 2 so I know what I am talking about.
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