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Default Ankle/calf flexibility/mobility routine

Does anyone have any ankle/calf flexibility and mobility routines? Both the mobility and flexibility of my ankles is horrendous and the work I'm doing on them is not paying off in any meaningful way.

Things I have tried:
- Calf-stretching linked in this post. My ankles are so tight and immobile I can't get any grip from the ball of my foot on the wall--my foot slips down before I'm able to obtain any sort of stretch.

- Calf-stretching leaning against the wall and hanging off a stair or ledge

- Sitting in the bottom of a squat with a weighted bar on my knees

- Sitting in the bottom of a squat and leaning on one ankle and then the other

Part of it is my flexibility down there is poor. The other part looks like it's a mobility issue, as I feel a "pinch" in the front of my ankle before I really feel a stretch. This is weird because I've never injured the area. I did competitive swimming for a long time which made them super-flexible in the opposite direction (like pointing the toe)--could hypermobility of the joint in one direction caused decreased mobility in the opposite direction?

Or maybe I just need to keep working at it . . .
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