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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post

Part of it is my flexibility down there is poor. The other part looks like it's a mobility issue, as I feel a "pinch" in the front of my ankle before I really feel a stretch. This is weird because I've never injured the area. I did competitive swimming for a long time which made them super-flexible in the opposite direction (like pointing the toe)--could hypermobility of the joint in one direction caused decreased mobility in the opposite direction?
Thats exactly the same problem i've been having. I used to swim competitively, and when I try to stretch my ankles i feel the same sensation on top of my foot and front of ankle.

I've been stretching the crap outta my ankles for the last week, but have seen no improvement because it seems like every time i try to stretch my calves they get super tight, and remain that way for hours, so im also interested to see what suggestions people have.
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