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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Have any of you found soft tissue work to be of help down there? Like using a foam roller or tennis ball or lacrosse ball.
Yes! Two Lacrosse balls/tennis balls to work on the soleus.

For example, if you're working on the right calf...
  • sit on the floor
  • get the left leg out of the way
  • put your right leg as if you were going to sit cross-legged
  • now, put one ball under the calf muscle right in the middle (middle meaning the distance between your ankle and knee).
  • use the other ball on top...pressing/rolling/kneading it to massage the soleus.
  • keep arms straight and manipulate the top ball with the heel of your hand.
  • you can increase/decrease intensity by controlling how deep you 'lean' into it.
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