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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
well, the snail is impressed by the turtle, I guess. Rippetoe's Programming book has the benchmarks in the back. I think at that body weight the level for a novice lifter (he means someone with less than 2-3 years of pretty dedicated lifting) was around 300lbs for deadlift (I may be wrong). I meant more the overall amount you're doing plus the push presses where I have only worked my way up to 130lbs.

Are you doing RDLs to help get your back in shape?

Yes, I was in the Reserves for 13 years or so. Having to pass the PT test was always a good motivator for running, but I would imagine you could easily pass -- you're just trying to max it out.
Thanks again. I like the exercise and rep selection in the book. I can only assume Alwyn Cosgrove chose the RDL's for hamstrings because that is the muscle that is typically quivering after I'm doing with all those sets! haha

Officer? Enlisted? MOS? I'm currently in the direct commisioning process as an MP, though I have considered reclassing to possibly Signal which is more inline with what my education and regular job are in. Passing isn't a problem for my age group I think it's something crazy like 17:34 to pass, I would love to be able to max it out but I think a 13:00 2 mile is out of reach, unless I'd be willing to just train for that which I'm not willing to do.
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