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Default Intensity and Recovery Question

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, and I have gotten curious about the whole adrenal fatigue issue. I ordered 2-3 books yesterday on stress and adrenal fatigue.

After reading Coach Sommer's book, I was interested in his Steady State Training protocol of overload, load, and underload (i.e., Frog Stand - 10 x 6 sec for 8 weeks before progressing to something more difficult). I also ordered Pavel's Power to the People. Basically, I am interested in the whole concept of frequent, intense workouts.

After reading one of Eric Cressey's E-books on deloading, I began to deload every 4th week. I also follow Eric Cressey's mesocycle rep scheme of week 1 3x5, week 2 3x3, week 3 5x5. Following this rep scheme, on Mondays I do Weighted Dips/Bench Press and on Wednesdays I do Weighted Chinups/Pullups. I can't do Shoulder Press or Squats, etc. following this rep scheme because I'm still recovering from my lower back injury.

Following this rep scheme, I basically push myself extremely hard each day so that the next day I wake up extremely sore.

I'm in my deload week right now, and I feel like crap. I feel fine during the day, but I've been sleeping 10+ hours a day. I can set my alarm for 8 hours, but I just can't seem to get up.

Has anybody else had similar experiences? I'm thinking starting next week I should try to employ a new workout philosophy. Waking up sore and worn out everyday is no fun.
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