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*16 hr fast*

3 x 100 jumpropes with dynamic ankle stretches in between sets
tuck FL hold - 45 sec, 15 sec
...forgot the b warmup

Clean strength:
Front squat
75 x 3 x 5

Still really easy, but my inflexible ankles are keeping me from a good position. I filmed myself today, and ima try to get it up soon so i can get some peoples opinions.

Jerk strength:
Push Jerk
80 x 4 x 4

Pretty easy. Focused on keeping an upright back and not bending over at the waist at all. On one rep i was focused so hard that i smacked myself in the chin. People laughed...

Gymnastic pull:
Weighted ring pullups (last time for these, sadly...)
+10 x 3 x 5

Some dick who works at the gym i go to came in in the middle of my second set, didnt even let me finish, and told me i had to take my rings down or get kicked out of the gym. Such bullshit...I left without finishing the pullups cuz i was pissed. So that takes away all chances i had to work on the muscle up. Guess ill have to start working on HSPU and bar pullups.

If anyone reads this, which pullup on a bar is more like a OAC?

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