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Originally Posted by Craig Loizides View Post
For getting under the bar quickly you would be better off practicing something like tall cleans instead of fast squats because the bar isn't on your back when you're getting under it. You need to start pulling yourself under the bar while the bar is still on the way up.

Absolutely agreed on that one.

There's a lot of great commentary in this thread. Special Thanks to Greg and Dave for the thought and effort.

At one point, I thought about doing something similar to drop front squats or drop back squats to get myself accustomed to catching those weights in the hole. Then I realized that was compltely stupid and dangerous.

If the lifts are performed properly, the thighs are already close to parallel when you "catch" or recieve a snatch or clean.

To me, increase stability from that point to the hole is about a few movements - dead stop lifts from pins or off jerk boxes; and heavy snatch balances.

But nothing will replace simply practicing the full movements.

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