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Donald Lee
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Front Lever Progression
Weighted Dip/Bench Press (switched up every month)
- 3x5 wk1, 3x3 wk2, 5x5 wk3


Frog Stand
Swimming if I'm up to it, but I'm a horrible swimmer so at max 4 laps.


Front Lever Progression
Weighted Chinup/Pullup (switched up every month)
- 3x5 wk1, 3x3 wk2, 5x5 wk3

Thurs: Off


Frog Stand
HeSPU - 5-7 sets totalling 20-30 reps

I also squat 3 days/week, and deadlift 2-3 days/week for rehab. I also do some accessory exercises like DB Shrugs, Side Bends, DB Cuban Rotations, Rear Delt Flyes, and some pullups every now and then. I'm trying to limit the accessory exercises though because I'm spending too much time in the gym. I'm also doing some pistol and 1-Leg RDL work, but I only do sets of about 3 reps.

I think WD/BP, WCU/WPU, and maybe HeSPU wear me out the most because I try to lift progressively heavier weights pretty quickly. Basically, I use weights that cause me to go near failure, which leaves me trashed the next day.

I wasn't able to progress linearly fast enough for my liking, which is why I started implementing Eric Cressey's protocol. I felt that the deload week would be good for me, because it'd allow me to train harder for 3 weeks and spend more time prehabing or working on swimming. Instead, I feel sore for 3 weeks, and then I feel worn out during my deload week.

I'm thinking of reintroducing running 2 times/week and 1 WOD with running and calisthenics to train for OCS in late May. I've had shin splint issues, so I'm practicing POSE.

Unlike last time, I want to ensure that I'm well rested and not trashed everyday. I'm wondering whether I should do a mixture of Pavel's GTG, PTTP, and Steady State Training.
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