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I forgot to address the other potential issues.

My stress levels aren't any greater than normal.

My diet consists mostly of meat, eggs, milk, veggies, fruit, walnuts and almonds, and avocados. In every meal I don't eat with fish, I supplement with krill oil. I also frequently take ZMA. Occasionally, I eat some brown rice, corn, sweet potatoes, tofu, noodles, and stuff made from flour. Usually, I end up carb loading on Sundays because my mom is home to feed me and prevent me from eating the way I like to eat.

Usually, I try to replenish glycogen after working out. I do so by eating usually corn or sweet potatoes. I know the corn is less than optimal, but I live with the parents, so I can't decide everything I eat. If there is nothing else, sometimes, I eat brown rice, but I tend to shy away from that because I feel that it's too much of an acidic load on my kidneys with all the meat I eat.

I IF, so I don't eat too much. I was mass gaining before I got injured early September, but I didn't want to gain a lot of upper body mass without my lower body keeping on par.

The fatigue issue might go away if I ate more, but I feel like there's more to play than just not eating enough. My bodyweight has stayed consistent since early September when I stopped mass gaining.
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