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Dr. G, I probably am being a little too impatient with my progress, but I'm wondering whether continual linear progression every workout (ala. Starting Strength, etc.) isn't as effective if you're not trying to gain mass by eating massive amounts. I usually don't load up so much that I miss reps, so I don't think the way I lift is unusual by any means.

I've been considering doing some form of PTTP or Steady State Training also to give time for tendons and ligaments to strengthen, since they take longer to grow.

But I'm just wondering if it's normal to feel trashed from training the way I have, because that's how a lot of people lift. I guess a lot of people would try to eat a lot more than I do though. I do eat over 100 grams of protein a day at a bodyweight of 145 lbs, so I feel that it's adequate.
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