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I had a simliar question for Greg E. a few months ago and this is what he recommended for me as I still need to work on some technique issues (snatch).

This is the way things are typically programmed:
Monday - heavier strength oriented day - no metcon
Tuesday - technique day - medium intensity metcon (in comparison to other CA WOD metcon's)
Wednesay - slightly less heavy strength oreiented day - high intensity metcon
Thursday - Rest
Friday - technique day - low intensity metcon
Saturday - max/heavy classic lift day - no metcon

With your schedule of Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it will be a little rougher with all these days in a row, 1 option could be:
Saturday - Monday workout
Sunday - Tuesday workout
Monday - Wednesday workout with slightly less intense metcon (less rounds or reps...etc)
Tuesday - Friday workout focus but still picking 1 or 2 of the max/heavy lifts from Saturday to do after your technique work

Hope this helps.
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