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Originally Posted by Andy Deas View Post

I noticed you spend a bunch of time with your foam roller on some of your off-days. I am also a huge fan of the foam rolling. At the suggestion of Cressey/Robertson etc. I started doing a quick session of rolling at the beginning of my workout - right before I do my active warm-up/mobility stuff. This is counter to what I have heard previously, but so far I must say that it really seems to help "loosen" me up for my mobility drills.

Just some food for thought.
Thanks Andy, I have thought about it but the majority of my workouts are at the gym and they have no foam rollers to speak of, and the few times I have worked out at home I just didn't think about it. Next time I work out at home I'll give it a try, I think "quick/light" might be the key here, after reading about Ronnie A's experience doing deep tissue foam rolling before a workout was eye-opening.
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