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I was an officer in the Signal Corps. Was gungho out of college and signed up for Armor, then got bounced out by all the West Point pukes who wanted the glory. I can't remember a single thing I learned in the Signal Corp except don't stand anywhere near your antennae. If lightning doesn't get you, a cruise missile will. Funniest thing was last assignment, when I was really inactive, was at the National Command Center with a top secret clearance doing negotiations with ATT. Never actually did the assignment but the Army finally figured out what I'd be best at at that point. And if you like golf, Fort Gordon is right next to Augusta National.

Make sure you go to Airborne school -- still one of the best experiences of my life -- and, if you have the balls, Ranger School. I didn't go and I don't know whether I would have survived but if you do, you'll never forget it.

My brother was an enlisted MP in the reserves. Don't think he really liked it that much. But you probably will never get a traffic ticket so that's something to think about.
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