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Paul McKirdy
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I was hungry today I guess...

This evening:

1.5ish pounds of cooked kale. Just couldn't stop. sooo Gooood. (cooked in bacon and smoked turkey leg fat with chopped scallions salt and pepper, heaven) with copious amounts of olive oil as well, added

Protein drink: 1 cup water 1 cup milk 2tblsp olive oil 70ml powdered egg protein

Protein drink and creatine

lifting, lots of super yoke walking 1 liter water

For some unfathomable reason. 4 bacon double burgers.

1 liter water

Protein drink

bent over rows at home for the hell of it...

4g fish oil and 2g vitamin C

I'm still hungry, but I think I am going to sleep now since I have squats in the morning. I'm ready for them, and about two cups of fresh made quacamole in the fridge to start the fueling proper.
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