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Sorry, I just like free newsletters.

Actually, I'll try most things once or twice as long as they're not going to hurt me in the long run. I liked the walking deadlift idea posed by Chad Waterbury (although, knowing the S&C world, he got it from someone else), but I don't do them all the time. Just when I want to mix it up, have a little fun, and have people stare at me in the gym. Sort of like when I'm doing waiter's walks with 85# around all the benchers.

I doubt I could do a walking swing in a 24hr Fitness without causing widespread panic. (side note; one time I was blasting through a Fran workout and some dude is watching me with the weirdest look. He comes over when I've finished and asks what the hell I was doing swinging a 55lb dumbbell around. He thought I had lost my mind and was trying to hurt myself, but had terrible aim)
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