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December 1-7

Bench Press (Volume): 5x5x87.5kg
Overhead Squat: 3x40kg
Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x75kg
Assisted Deadhang Muscle-up: 1
Deadlift: 5x100kg
Knees-to-elbows: 3x10
Bench took everything I had and then some. My arms were fried afterwards. Failed on the fourth rep of 40kg overhead squats. Something I should be able to do for 20+ reps fresh. Also, was going to go for 1-2-3-2-1 assisted deadhang muscle-ups, but it just wasn't happening. My friend was doing more work than I was. Combination of wasted forearms from climbing the day before and the bench press.
Decided to say fuck it and upped the weight on back squat and deadlift. Back felt great.

Back felt better than it has in months.

Bench Press (Recovery, paused): 2x5x67.5kg
Power Clean: 3x5x50kg
Power Clean and Push Jerk: Singles up to 80kg
Low-bar Back Squat: 5x80kg, 5x100kg, 5x80kg
Deadhang Towel Pull-up: 1x10, 2x8
Weighted Ring Dip: 3x8x5kg (focus on going deep)
Went for 100kg on the back squat for a set of 5. Felt like I could do more, which is good. But I don't want to push things with my back so I'm going to be patient and stick with +5kg per workout.
Power clean and push jerk matches my old clean and jerk PR from when I was 69kg. Push jerks didn't feel too good. Going to work on them some with lighter weight before going I start focusing on weightlifting.


Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x85kg
Bench Press (Intensity): 1x90kg, 1x102.5kg (PR)
Weighted Deadhang Pull-up: 3x5kg, 3x10kg, 3x15kg, 2x20kg (disappointing, was going for 3x25kg, I blame my weight gain the past couple of months)
Deadlift: 5x105kg
Shoulder Press: 3x5x50kg
L-sit (rings, rings turned out): 3x[Max time] (Didn't have anyone to time me)
Bench press felt super light. Could have gone for a double, possibly a triple with that weight. Planning on a heavier 1RM next week.

Power Clean and Push Jerk: Singles up to 80kg
Front Squat: 3x60kg, 3x80kg, 3x90kg
Push jerks felt a lot more solid. Started jumping back on the cleans for some reason once I got to 75kg. Need to look into that.
Front Squat felt heavier than it should have but still pretty manageable.

Combatives: ~an hour and half
SPEARS drills. Some High Gear drills. Conditioning felt terrible. Haven't done anything like this for a while due to my injury and no conditioning work so less than half an hour in I was lying on the floor gasping for air like I just did Linda followed by Fran.
May have broken my toe, during some of this. It's been feeling awful all day if I move it or put any weight on it. Blargh.
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