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I'm a 5' 8", 19 year-old sophomore in College at Appalachian State University. I'm an exercise science major who is frustrated with the curriculum. I was keeping a log at and then briefly at's message boards. I decided to move it here because I think it will get more/better attention from the local community.

I got into Parkour in early 2007 and started crossfitting in fall of 2007. I live in Raleigh, NC when I'm not at school. This past summer I trained and worked at CrossfitNC. While I was there I dabbled in BJJ. I also enjoy Wakeboarding and snowboarding when I have the opportunity. At the beggining of August I took some time off from CF to do starting strength, with great results. I drank the milk and ate a disgusting amount of food. I literally JUST finished SS and now I'm following the CF wod scaling up the load and scaling down the volume. I'm also using Rippetoe's texas method to work on my Press. Here's some stats:

Bodyweight: 173 (cutting at the moment)

Crossfit Total:885
Squat: 350
Press: 130
Deadlift: 405

Michael: 18:57
Murph: 38:12
Fran: 5:00
Helen: 9:42
FGB: 326
Weighted pullup: +70 lbs
Snatch: 144 lbs

Sunday, 12/7/08

"Crossfit Total"

Got the results I listed above in my stats.
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